adventurers for hire is all about building the perfect adventuring party, by recruiting NPCs through an app that lies somewhere in-between Tinder and LinkedIn.

you can customise the party's main character to match with 50 different adventurers, then hire/fire them by dragging their profiles left or right to find the best skill set for each of the game's six chapters. depending on who you hire, some adventurers have special skills that unlock more approaches to obstacles in your quest. your hiring budget and hit points are limited, so pick wisely!!

drag controls for NPC cards:

  • left: dismiss - this doesn't remove adventurers from the hiring pool, it just moves them to the back of the queue!
  • right: hire - this will add the adventurer to one of the three party slots for that chapter.
  • down: more information - this brings up the adventurer's strengths, weaknesses, rating, and hiring costs. on this screen, drag back up to return to their profile.
  • up: back - this returns to the chapter introduction, without selecting an adventurer.

this game was made for the collect-a-friend game jam!

game by: fancy pigeons

twitter @ffancypigeons

harry prebble

liv jeremiah


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Pretty good game. Stopped playing at level two because I couldn't figure out how to stop people from leaving.